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Request to Return Media
For copyright reasons your physical masters must remain in our possession for the duration that it is streaming in the Secured Media Library. When your physical media is returned to you, we are required to turn off the streaming version in the Secured Media Library.

Turn-Around Time
Please allow 2-days for us process your title return request. Note that Campus Mail returns can take an additional few days to reach you. If your request is urgent, please call 8-HELP during regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm) and ask to be transferred to the Carmen team. Title return requests will not be processed outside of regular business hours.

You will receive an email when your media has been dropped off at the location you have specified.

Separate each title by a comma if requesting more than one title.
Request Media Streaming
Beginning summer 2019, there will be constraints to what media can be accepted into the SML.


As more free and low-cost streaming options have become available since the SML's creation and as we continue compliance with copyright law, only media that cannot be obtained through other streaming platforms will be processed for the SML.

At this time, currently active titles in the SML will continue to be available.

Click checkbox below to proceed.


Instructors should first consider if a film currently streaming through University Libraries platforms such as Kanopy, Swank, and others meet your course objectives.

If a title is not currently available through the library catalog, additional films may be added to the collection through Swank by request through the University Libraries.

If a feature film is available through Swank, the University Libraries can often make the film available in 24-48 hours.

Streaming video from the University Libraries' platforms can be linked or embedded into CarmenCanvas for a seamless student experience.

Consider using the expertise of subject librarians to locate alternative titles to meet course objectives.

Please be aware it may take several days to hear back from the University Libraries about the availability of your title. Do not proceed with the SML title addition request until you have confirmed from the University Libraries if they will purchase a title.

If the University Libraries are unable to purchase a streaming license for a title or make other arrangements to make it available, faculty should explore whether it is currently streaming through pay-per-view or subscription streaming platforms.

You can use a streaming search engine site such as JustWatch or Reelgood, to identify titles that are currently streaming online.

The SML will process your title if University Libraries and commercial platforms have been explored and if it does not fall under the restrictions listed below.

Content Restrictions
The SML will not process the following content:
-Digital files purchased from iTunes, Amazon, or other retailers
-TV series, including single episodes
-Disney owned content including Marvel Studios, Lucasfilms, Pixar, 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Touchstone, etc.
-Titles owned by public libraries or OhioLINK titles
-For accessibility reasons, new content cannot be made available if we are unable to process subtitles

Policy Restrictions
-You may request up to 5 new title additions per course per semester. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis.
-Titles meant for in-class viewings should use a physical DVD. Contact ODEE Classroom Technology to confirm your classroom has the ability to play DVDs.
-Titles intended for students who missed an in-class viewing should be made available through the University Libraries course reserve.

Supported Formats
-Original (not copied) DVDs and Blu-ray discs purchased by faculty
-Non-Region 1 DVDs in PAL or SECAM can be processed

All discs must be provided in protective cases to reduce the possibility of accidental damage to your media.

For copyright purposes, your physical discs must remain in ODEE's possession while it is available in the SML.

Allowances under U.S. COPYRIGHT LAW

We will process your title if it does not fall under the previous restrictions and:

-It is required to achieve teaching and learning objectives for an academic course.

-You have completed a Fair Use analysis using the Fair Use Checklist (go.osu.edu/fairusechecklist).

For more information on copyright, visit Copyright Services at the University Libraries:


Time Required to Add a Title
All new titles require a minimum of two weeks from when the physical media is received.

During high demand times, such as the beginning of the semester, please allow as much additional time as possible.

Providing Media
An SML staff member will contact you to arrange for your media drop-off. Please attach a printed copy of your confirmation email with your media.

University Status
If this scheduled recording is for a course, please indicate your role in that course. If your scheduled event is for another purpose, choose Other.
Provide the name of your course or event. The catalog for the recordings associated with this request will be named based on this information. For a course, provide the information from the Course Title in Carmen (Term, Department, Course Number, Class Number; e.g., "SP14 Psych 4321.0 (12345)").
Provide the following information for each title: Date title needs to be available, Film Title, Date film was produced, Additional instructions/comments
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Describe the issue that you are having, what you would like help with, and what you are seeking to accomplish.