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Proctorio Recording Options

The recording options dictate what information will be collected during the exam. 

Proctorio recording options
  1. Record Video: This option will turn on the student's webcam and record the entire exam. The video will automatically be analyzed for head movements, eye movements, and mouth movements. To verify that a student has a proper webcam before the exam starts, enable the Verify Video option within the Additional Exam Settings.

  2. Record Audio: This option will turn on the student's microphone and record the entire testing session. The audio can be reviewed to determine if the student is talking to someone in the room and potentially relaying questions or answers. To verify that the student has proper microphone levels before the exam starts, enable the Verify Audio option within the Additional Exam Settings.

  3. Record Screen: This option will capture the student's desktop, so you can see exactly what they were looking at throughout the exam. This will show if the student is using an unauthorized program or leaving the quiz for any reason. 

    Proctorio will take screenshots when the following are triggered:

    • Student answers a question

    • Student clicks the mouse

    • Student copies values

    • Student pastes values

    • Student resizes their browser

    • Student leaves the exam page

    The screenshots are available within the video player by accessing the Exam Replay mode.

    Only one screen can be recorded. It is highly recommended that this option be paired with the Only One Screen lockdown setting.

  4. Record Web Traffic: This option will capture any website that the student goes to during the exam. Proctorio will record the URL as well as a screen capture of the site as they saw it. This is a great way to ensure students are only going to authorized websites during an exam. 

    The webpages will be made available in the Incident Log of the Proctorio exam video player. To ensure these events are recorded in the incident log, the Flag New Windows or Tabs behavior setting must be set to have a weight of one or more.

    A screenshot is taken in case a student is accessing materials that are behind a login, such as using a web chat application or browsing a forum. The screenshot will provide a view of the page exactly how the student saw it.

  5. Record Room: This setting prompts the student to show you his or her test environment during an exam. When this feature is enabled, the student is required to slowly scan the room and work area with his or her webcam or laptop. The student will be asked to do this randomly throughout the exam or after surpassing a certain level of suspicious behavior.

    Record Room will last for 15 seconds. This time does count against exam time. Because of this, Proctorio recommends adding additional time to exams when Record Room is enabled.

    Protocols for performing a room scan during Record Room are institution and instructor specific. That is, Proctorio recommends that instructors specify how to perform Record Room in the quiz instructions based on what the institution or instructor wants to see. Proctorio offers these general instructions to students on how to perform a room scan:

    How do I perform a room scan?
    A panorama of the room scan will be added to the Proctorio Gradebook. Instructors may review the student's room scans by selecting the Room Scan button.

    This is a great feature for high stakes exams. It allows an instructor to see if the test taker is using any unauthorized materials, or if there are other computers or people in the room.

    There are three settings for Record Room:

    1. Record Room Off - Instructors may leave Record Room disabled so that Record Room is never triggered either at the beginning or during the exam.

    2. Intelligent Scan - Students are asked to perform a Record Room scan at the beginning of the exam and at key intervals during the assessment (depending on the length of the exam). This setting will also respond to student activity depending on other settings selected and level of suspicion for each student. Suspicious behavior will trigger additional room scans. Students will perform room scans within the allotted exam time, so it is advisable to factor that time into the amount of time permitted.

    3. Scan at Start - This setting will ask the student to perform the Record Room scan once, at the beginning of the assessment. This will occur a few minutes into the exam in order to fully capture the test environment. Room scans will be performed within the allotted exam time, so it is advisable to factor that time into the amount of time permitted.