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Installing and Logging in to Examplify

Download to PC/Mac

You can easily download the latest version of Examplify for both Windows and Mac OS X desktops/laptops by selecting the appropriate link below:

Once downloaded, open Examplify then follow the directions below to Login to Examplify.

Download to iPad

Download to Ohio State provided iPad

  1. On an Ohio State provide iPad, open the Self Service app
    Self Service App icon
  2. Scroll to Examplify
    Examplify App Icon
  3. Click Install
  4. Open Examplify then follow the directions below to Login to Examplify.

Download to personal iPad

Follow the directions in the Examplify for iPad: Downloading and Installing Examplify, then see the Login to Examplify section below.

Log In to Examplify

If you are logging in on your computer, you will need to set your default browser to be Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Launch Examplify, you will be prompted to enter your Institution ID: The Ohio State University (osu)
  2. Click Next.
    Examplify "Add New Account" screen with arrows pointing to "The Ohio State University" as selected and the "Next" button
  3. If you are on a computer, a browser window will open automatically for you to log in. If you are using an iPad the authentication page will open within the app. Enter your Ohio State username (lastname.#) and password.
  4. Once you have successfully authenticated, you may close the browser window and re-open Examplify, where you will now be logged in. On the iPad you will simply continue to your Dashboard.
  5. You can now use Examplify app for any assigned exams. To view assessment results and account information, go to https://ui.examsoft.io/login?institutioncode=osu to access your ExamSoft portal after your first-time login. 
Troubleshooting Access

If you see the error message "Sorry, we couldn’t connect to your school’s login page", make sure your computer’s default browser is Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If the error persists (or you are on an iPad), that means your account hasn’t been created yet. Once your instructor has created the course in ExamSoft and synced the enrollment, you will be able to log in.

If you see the error message "We were unable to validate your username and password. Please check your credentials and try again", do NOT select the Forgot User ID/Password? option. You will not be able to reset your password with ExamSoft. Instead, select the Back option. You will then be prompted to Choose an Account. After selecting Add New Account, enter your institution's ID: The Ohio State University (osu). At this time your institution's login page will appear in a browser window. After entering in your login information, you will then be able to open Examplify.

If you have any other access issues, please contact the Carmen eLearning Support team at carmen@osu.edu. 


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