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Getting Started with ExamSoft

ExamSoft's suite of software provides a powerful solution for exam creation, exam delivery, grading and recording scores.

ExamSoft's locked-down testing application, Examplify, provides a secure and stable in-person exam environment across all devices, including iPads. Examplify downloads the exam, disables the student's internet access, then when the student has completed the exam, re-enables internet access and submits the exam.

ExamSoft also provides:

  • Item banking functionality to create a repository of test questions mapped with learning objectives.
  • Robust, real-time reports to provide performance feedback to students, faculty and administrators by "tagging" exam items to specific learning objectives.
  • A CarmenCanvas integration to facilitate account creation, roster updates and grade syncs.

How should ExamSoft be used?

ExamsSoft is especially suited for high-stakes, in-person proctored exams. Students can use their own devices by downloading Examplify before the Exam starts.

ExamSoft's outcomes structure is especially useful for:

  • Multiple courses that need to use the same question bank and have the same data for comparison across sections.
  • Courses taught as a sequence to track a student's progress across the sequence.
  • Programs that need to document student achievement of specified learning objectives.

Instructors using ExamSoft need to provide an alternative format of their exams for students with accessibility accommodations. Results and feedback of the alternative format exam need to be provided in the same timeframe as students receiving feedback through the ExamSoft student portal.

Want to learn more about using ExamSoft?

Do you have general questions about whether ExamSoft is right for your course? Send them to examsoft@osu.edu.

If you know you're interested in using ExamSoft, fill out the ExamSoft Contact Form and e-Learning Support staff will contact you with more information. Instructors must complete a series of workshops as part of gaining access to ExamSoft.