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Create or Remove Links Between Records

Create Links

In Elements, you can create links between records. For example, you can link grants to publications, professional activities, or teaching activities. The example below creates a link between a grant and a publication.

  1. Click Menu.
  2. Click the Create links link located under Manage.
    Create Links link
    UX Tip

    You can also link activities from within each record by selecting the record, then click Create links.

  3. Under create links between, select the two types of records you wish to link. For this example, we're linking a grant to a publication.
    Create links between options showing Grants and Publications selected
  4. Once you've made your selections, the available activities in each category will populate.
  5. Select the records you wish to link together.
    Available grants and Publications shown side-by-side, with one record selected on each side
  6. Click Create one new link.
    Create one new link button

Remove Links

If you find you have linked two records in error and want to remove the link:

  1. Open one of the two linked records.
  2. Scroll down to Links to users and other Elements.
  3. To remove the link between the two records, click the red X.
  4. Click OK to confirm you wish to remove the link between the two records.
    Note: This does not delete or remove either record. It removes the link between the two records in Elements.

The link between the two records has now been removed.