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Managing your Publications

Elements harvests external databases to retrieve publications that appear to be linked to you based on your name and other information you have entered in your search settings in Elements. You are able to claim or reject these entries.

Publications in Elements include the following activities:

  • Abstracts and Short Entries
  • Artwork and Exhibits
  • Books
  • Chapter in Edited Book
  • Bulletins / Tech Reports / Fact Sheets
  • Chapters in Edited Book
  • Conferences
  • Data Sets
  • Figures
  • General Press Articles
  • Internet Publications
  • Inventions and Patents
  • Journal articles
  • Media
  • Multimedia / Databases / Websites
  • Musical Works and Performances
  • Other Creative Works
  • Potential Publications Under Review
  • Presentations

Your publications are grouped into three areas, which are accessed via the tabs named:

  • Mine: Records found online and claimed, or entries you have manually added
  • Pending: Records found online and not yet claimed/rejected
  • Not mine: Records found online and rejected
UX Tip

If you have a lot of pending items that do not belong to you, we suggest that you clear the Pending list, and then modify your search settings to improve the quality of the searches.

You must refine your search settings and run your search several days before you intend to work with your publication data.

The articles in this collection will provide guidance on how to:

There are a number of paths to accomplish any one task in Elements. Where possible, we've included alternate paths to complete the same task outlined in the article.

Supporting Data

There are several sections required for the promotion and tenure core dossier that cannot be adequately or easily populated by data collected in Elements.

These sections can be completed in Vita under the heading Supporting Data.

These sections include:

  • Article Citations
  • Authorship Type
  • Description of Effort
  • Percent Contribution
  • Review Type