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Merge Records

If you had a profile in Research in View (RIV), your data was migrated to Elements and will appear under the Mine tab in My Publications. To provide you with more control over your data, we did not automatically merge records on your behalf.

You might have duplicate records with the same title and information from different sources: those migrated from RIV and those harvested by Elements from external databases. You cannot merge records that are from the same data source. For example, two records that were migrated from RIV cannot be merged.

You can merge the duplicate records once you have claimed them as yours. All data from both records will be maintained.

  1. From the My Publications screen, click on the Mine tab to see all of the articles available for merging.
    Mine tab under My publications
  2. Click the green add to workspace icon below each of the articles you want to merge.
    Upon selection, the icon will change from green to orange.
  3. After selecting the desired records, the number of records will be listed with the Workspace icon in the upper right corner of the header. Click the Workspace icon when all records are selected.
    Example of workspace icon indicating their are two records selected
  4. Select the checkbox next to all of the records that require merging.
  5. Click Join.
    Screenshot of workspace highlighting the record checkbox and Join button
  6. A Publications joined confirmation message will appear under the Workspace heading.
    Confirmation message that says "Publications joined."
  7. You can then see the records that were merged as confirmed by the multiple data source icons.
    Multiple data source icons displaying below record listing
  8. To view the full list of possible data sources for each record, click the article title and scroll to the data sources section. Click the gray plus icon to see more information about each data source.
    Plus icon located under data sources section
UX Tip

If two records were joined in error, you can split them.