Teaching and Learning Resource Center

Navigating Elements

Once you are in Elements, you will see the home page. The elements of the home page are highlighted in the following image and described in the steps below.

Sections of the Elements home page highlighted in this screenshot are described in the steps below.
  1. Navigation Tabs: Across the top of the page are tabs to navigate around Elements. Selecting the Vita tab will take you back to the Vita homepage where you can download your dossier and edit your Narratives.
    The menu tabs available will depend on your rights in the system.
  2. Menu Tab: The sections in the menu from left to right allow you to:
    1. Manage your elements
    2. Explore data in the system.
    3. My Account contains various areas specific to you, including updating your profile and adding an assistant to help you manage your profile (see managing delegates).
  3. Profile: Click on your photo to go to your Profile page. The Edit your profile button will also take you to your Profile in the edit mode.
  4. My Actions: Every item listed in My Actions has a link that takes you to the section in Elements where tasks can be completed including:
    1. Claim publications
    2. Add your Database or Author IDs
    3. Link publications to their funding sources
  5. My Summary: Labels in the My Summary section are active links. Click on any one to go to that activity type or add manual records by selecting + add. Activities in this section include:
    1. Professional activities
    2. Teaching activities
    3. Grants