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Select Preferred Data Source

Records in Elements may have a number of different data sources. In order to ensure your dossier accurately reflects your Elements data, you need to manually select a preferred data source for each record in Elements. The record selected as the preferred record will populate your dossier.

If a record has a single data source it will default to the preferred record and will display on the dossier.

UX Tip

Manually added records will automatically become the preferred record.

  1. In Elements, click on the record.
  2. If you do not see the detailed view, select Detailed View.
    Detailed view button under Mine tab
  3. Click Data sources.
  4. Select the gold star next to the data source you want to be the preferred data source for the record. The selected star will be solid gold, unselected stars appear as an outline of the star.
    Gold star located next to the data source

When you preview your dossier, if you have not selected a preferred data source, you will see a list of incomplete items identifying the records that still need a preferred data source.


Records with no preferred data source selected will not appear on the dossier.

Screenshot of Dossier showing list of incomplete items