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Step-by-Step Guide for Co-Authors

If you are the co-author of a publication, use this guide to help you check your publication records for accuracy. You may also want to review the updated Getting Started with Vita guide.

  1. Log-in to vita.osu.edu
  2. Click on Supporting Data from the navigation menu or the Add Supporting Data tile on the homepage.
  3. To view your claimed publications, use the Filter Records on the right side of the page to narrow by the publication type you wish to work on. You might wish to review one section at a time. You can also search for specific article titles using the keyword filter.
    Vita Supporting Data section highlighting the Filter Records options and location of claimed publications that will populate on the page
  4. To view the record information, click the arrow next to the article title.
    Arrow located next to article title
  5. Review the percent contribution and description of effort fields.
    Screenshot of record listing highlighting the location of the percent contribution field, description of effort field, and edit link
  6. If the information is not correct (that is, if it reflects the work of one of your co-authors), click edit to update the fields to reflect your work. You can also edit the other fields.
  7. After updating the desired fields, click save changes.
    Save changes button

If you do not see a specific publication record listed in supporting data, be sure it has a preferred data source in Elements. Only records with preferred data sources will appear in supporting data and on the dossier.

See the Why is a co-author's information showing in Vita? FAQ for more information about the co-author overwriting issue.