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Vita Troubleshooting

This article contains suggested troubleshooting strategies and tips for those looking to resolve concerns with Vita, Ohio State's faculty information system.

It will walk you through the steps that eLearning Support staff would typically ask to diagnose issues and identify a preferred solution.

If you have a specific question about where your Tenure Initiating Unit (TIU) requires different types of information to appear on your dossier, reference the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) guidelines or contact one of your department's Promotion and Tenure experts.

Verify that the record is supposed to appear on the dossier report

Not all types of productivity data are meant to appear on the Core Dossier Report.

OAA determines which information is required, and the Vita dossier report reflects these guidelines.

If a type of record is missing from your dossier report, check the OAA Core Dossier to verify that it is meant to display.

UX Tip

In some instances, your TIU will identify additional information they want to be submitted. For times when this conflicts with OAA guidelines, check with your departmental P&T experts about where you should input this data for the dossier report.

Check the Vita Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in this Resource Center that explain commonly asked questions.

Start by reviewing these to see if they contain the answer to your concern.

Search the Dossier Report for your Record

If an item isn't displaying where you think it should in the dossier report, we recommend using the Find command in the browser to search the document by entering a unique keyword from the title of the record.

This will show you where the record is currently appearing on the dossier report.

Once you have the current location, use the Vita Dossier Report Guide to identify the Elements data fields or forms that need to be updated in order for the record to appear in the desired section on the dossier.

Use the browser find command

  1. To bring up the find search field click:
    1. For PC: Click Ctrl and F
    2. For Mac: Click Command and F
  2. Type in your keyword
  3. Hit Enter
  4. If the keyword is in the document, it will appear in the results.
UX Tip

Use multiple browser windows to make data management easier – When managing your faculty productivity information, consider simultaneously opening Vita, Elements, and the Dossier Report Preview in three separate browser windows or tabs. Switching between open tabs is a more efficient way to verify that information is accurate in both Elements and Vita (Supporting Data, Narratives) and the Dossier Report.

Check the publication record to ensure that your preferred data source is selected

If a publication disappears from your dossier report, it can mean that a data source has been added to that record from Element's auto-harvesting process.

The Vita Dossier Preview displays these missing records under an Incomplete Items warning message. From within that warning message, you can navigate directly to the missing record in Elements. Then you can verify that a source is selected.

If not, select a source by starring the preferred record source. For more information, review the Select Preferred Data Source instructional guide.

Use Elements Bulk Export to compare missing records with properly displaying records

This option will be most helpful for those comfortable managing large amounts of spreadsheet data.

If you are missing a record in an area where another record is successfully displaying, consider exporting your data to compare information completeness.

Within Elements, you can bulk export all (or a select number) of records.

This will allow you to view the selected records and their data fields in one Excel document, and compare those fields to identify discrepancies in the data fields.

For more information, review the Bulk Exporting Elements Data instructional guide.

Contact eLearning Support for troubleshooting, consultation, and additional help needs

Contact the eLearning Support team for additional assistance by using the Vita Contact Form.