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Carmen File Quotas for Students

There are three types of file storage in CarmenCanvas:

See the chart below for more information about where the files are stored, quotas for each file type, and the files that do and do not count against your quota.

File Type

File Location


Files Counting Toward Quota

Files NOT Counting Toward Quota

User Files

Your user account.

Access files via the global navigation, click on Account, then Files.


Profile pictures

Files uploaded to your personal file storage area

Files uploaded to ungraded assignments

Files uploaded to ungraded discussions

Files attached to Conversations (Inbox/Email)

Graded assignment submissions - Files that have been submitted as attachments to assignments and graded discussions.

Webcam recordings created directly in Canvas are stored on a separate media server.

Group files

Access files from within the group, from the global navigation, click on Files.

50 MB

Any files uploaded into the group by the group members and/or instructor.


Course files

You may not have access to view Course Files directly. This setting is controlled by your instructor.

If enabled by the instructor, access files from the course's global navigation.


Any files uploaded into the course content by the instructor.


Reached Your Limit?

If you are unable to upload a file or receive the message Error: file size exceeds quota, then you've reached your 50MB quota. You can confirm and check your storage usage following these directions

We recommend: 

You might also be interested in learning more about what types of media files you can upload as a student. Your instructor can restrict file types for assignment submissions, so check the assignment details before uploading a file.