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Teaching Topics

Browse our growing repository of teaching topics to learn more about best practices for planning your courses, choosing teaching strategies, supporting your students and more.

A Positive Approach to Academic Integrity

Learn how to take a proactive, rather than punitive, approach to academic integrity in your courses.

Best Practices for Recording Lecture Videos

Creating effective and engaging lecture videos is easy with the right tools and strategies.

Carmen Common Sense: Best Practices

Learn how to apply Carmen Common Sense, ten student-authored suggestions for a student-friendly course.

Designing Assessments of Student Learning

Explore best practices for planning thoughtful and effective assessments of student learning.

Facilitating Discussion

Learn strategies for planning and facilitating meaningful class discussions in face-to-face and online contexts.

Information Literacy: Concepts and Teaching Strategies

Learn core information literacy concepts and explore teaching strategies to incorporate them into your courses.

Instructor Peer Review of Teaching in Online Classes

Learn how to evaluate teaching in online courses and download an example peer review rubric.

Online and Hybrid Syllabus Template Instructions

Download and customize a syllabus template for your online or hybrid course.

Online Instructor Presence

Learn how to be there for your online students, including strategies for communication, support, and feedback.

Shaping a Positive Learning Environment

Learn how to foster a learning environment that is welcoming, inclusive, and supportive of all students.

Strategies and Tools for Academic Integrity in Online Environments

Learn how to take a multifaceted approach to academic integrity in your online courses.

Student Interaction Online

Explore best practices for fostering meaningful student-student interaction in your online course.

Supporting Student Learning in Your Course

Learn how to intentionally support your students, and why this is especially important in online courses.

Teaching Online: Effective Practices

Explore key practices for building and teaching your online course.

Transitioning to a Virtual Lab

Explore resources and tools for converting from in-person to virtual labs.

Universal Design for Learning

Understand how Universal Design for Learning (UDL) can improve the learning experience for all of your students.