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Additional Tools

Ohio State provides numerous technology tools and applications to enhance teaching and learning at the university. Below we have an alphabetical list of various instructional tools that are vetted, licensed, and (in some cases) supported by Ohio State.  

In addition to the university-supported eLearning toolset and administrative tools, the following tools have been through a rigorous review process for accessibility and security compliance. These tools are available to all faculty and staff unless otherwise noted. Some tools have been added at the request of colleges, departments, or instructors, and support for those tools are provided by the vendor or the unit that purchased the product.   

We know you want the best learning experience for your students, and you might be tempted to try out free online tools or networking sites. Many of these free tools involve a clickthrough agreement or other statement that requires you to agree to terms and conditions. Please be aware, you are not legally allowed to accept these types of agreements as an employee of Ohio State. You should only use supported and vetted tools available university-wide or through your college or department. Learn more about clickthrough agreements.

UX Tip

See a tool you’d like to use in your course? Contact your local IT department. Please be advised that some tools may require additional funding from your department. 

Don't see a tool you'd like to use in your course? Take the first step in initiating a security review by contacting your local IT or your security coordinator

Explore strategies for incorporating technology into your course and choosing appropriate tools in Integrating Technology into Your Course.



Creative Cloud Suite

All Ohio State students, faculty, and staff have free access to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of desktop and mobile apps including Photoshop, Photoshop Express, Fresco, Premiere Rush, and many more. 

Learn more about Adobe Creative Cloud.


Adobe Audition is a program that allows you to record and edit audio content that can then be exported for use on its own, or incorporated into other projects, such as videos.

Learn more about Adobe Audition.

Express (formerly Spark) 

Adobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark) has created a handful of apps that can be used to make a webpage, graphic, or video in a flash.  

Learn more about Adobe Express.


Adobe Fresco is a drawing and painting app built especially for iPad with Apple Pencil and iPhone. Although it's a drawing and painting app, creations in Fresco will enhance any photo that you've taken with a handmade flourish.

Learn more about Adobe Fresco.  

Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express includes basic image editing features, but its main strength is in creating photo collages. 

Learn more about Adobe Photoshop Express.

Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Photoshop Sketch lets users create expressive drawings anywhere using natural drawing tools like pencils, pens, markers, and watercolor brushes to get all the textures and blending effects you'd get on paper.

Learn more about Photoshop Sketch.

Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional video editing program that allows you to edit video from a number of different sources and publish edited videos to many different formats. 

Learn more about Adobe Premier Pro.

Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is a free mobile and desktop video editing app allowing you to shoot, edit, and share high-quality videos from your phone to your computer.

Learn more about Adobe Premiere Rush.


Adobe Stock gives faculty, staff, and students access to royalty free assets (stock photography, music clips, etc.) that can be used to enhance lectures, presentations, course materials, assignments, group projects and more.

Learn more Adobe Stock.

 Be sure to check out the complete list of Adobe Creative Cloud Suite apps available. 



Apple Clips is a free app for making videos. With a few taps, you can create vertical and horizontal videos with immersive camera effects, artistic filters, dynamic music, animated text, emoji, stickers, and more.

Learn more about Clips.


Apple GarageBand turns your iPad and iPhone into a collection of Touch Instruments and a full-featured recording studio — so you can record audio, podcasts, or music anywhere you go.

Learn more about GarageBand.


Apple iMovie is a powerful video editing solution. It's the most robust video editing software on this list. You can use the iPad app to edit video or edit video on a Mac laptop or desktop computer. Learn more about iMovie.


As part of the Digital Flagship initiative, undergraduate students who began at Ohio State between fall 2018 and spring 2022 were issued an iPad, smart keyboard, Apple Pencil, and case.  Many students in higher-level courses may use their iPads in class and to complete assignments, while students who enrolled after spring 2022 may be using other devices. 

At Ohio State, technology assigned to instructors and staff is determined by each department's leadership and IT staff. So, not all instructors at Ohio State are provided with iPads, but you may have one through your department or as a personal device. See the Getting Started with iPad for Instructors for setting up your iPad and recommendations and resources for customizing and learning to use your iPad.

Regardless of whether you have an iPad or not, you can explore approaches to leveraging technology in your course, regardless of the device.

Learn more about the Digital Flagship initiative and approaches to ​​​​approaches to ​​​​integrating technology in your course.


Apple Keynote offers a simple and intuitive interface for building engaging lecture presentations.  Available on iOS and Mac, so it works on iPhones, iPads. But it also works on PC via iWork for iCloud. 

Learn more about Keynote. 


Apple Notes can be used for typed note-taking, digital handwriting or drawing, typing, math formulas, and more. Sync notes across all of your Mac devices. 

Learn more about Notes.  


Apple Pages, exclusively for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, allow you to use templates to create reports, digital books, resumes, posters, or create your own design. Easily add images, movies, audio, charts, and shapes. You can even draw and annotate using Apple Pencil on supported devices or your finger.

Learn more about Pages.  




This is a CarmenCanvas integration

CarmenBooks is a program that offers digital copies of selected textbooks, accessed through Carmen, for a fraction of the cost of a new, physical copy. Through a partnership with Unizin, the university negotiates for a better price on behalf of all students in the course.

Learn more about CarmenBooks.

Canvas Mobile Apps

Canvas provides several mobile apps, one for students and one for instructors, both are available on iOS and Android devices. Depending on your device and intended purpose, mobile applications may be more useful than the web interface. 

Learn more about Canvas Mobile Apps 

Cengage MindTap

This is a CarmenCanvas integration

MindTap is a Cengage Learning service, enabled through an integration of Cengage Learning's digital suite (MindLink) into CarmenCanvas. MindTap connects students from their Carmen course to assignments and homework related to their Cengage textbook.

Learn more about MindTap.


Digital Union audio recording studio

The Digital Union (DU) audio recording studio is a sound-insulated, quiet room equipped with tools that facilitate the recording and editing of audio files. Each space features unique tools, but builds on the basic setup of a microphone(s), software for audio capture and editing, and playback capabilities. 

Learn more about the DU audio recording studio

Digital Union lightboard

The Digital Union (DU) lightboard located inside the DU video recording studio allows instructors to draw whatever they would on a whiteboard while still facing the camera. It's recorded on a plain black background, so your writing stands out. Lecturers or their support staff can also superimpose graphics onto the screen in post-production, maximizing student engagement.

Learn more about the DU Lightboard.

Digital Union video recording studio

The Digital Union (DU) video recording studio allows you to make high-quality video recordings with minimal setup or prior experience. Simply enter the studio, plug in your flash drive and touch one button to start shooting. DU student staff are on hand to assist with orientation and troubleshooting. 

Learn more about the DU video recording studio.




This is a CarmenCanvas integration in place for faculty and staff at the following colleges: College of Education and Human Ecology, College of Medicine, College of Optometry, and the College of Pharmacy.

Echo360 is a cloud-based lecture capture tool for hosting, editing, and transcribing videos and has a CarmenCanvas integration.

Learn more about Echo360.


Flip (formerly Flipgrid)

Flip (formerly Flipgrid) is a simple video discussion experience that creates visual discussions and reflections within the classroom to build community and engage visually. Flip can also be used for office hours, student study groups, brainstorming sessions, and more.

Flip is a stand-alone product and is not integrated with Carmen. Sign into Flip using your Ohio State Microsoft 365 login information.

Learn more about Flip.



This is a CarmenCanvas integration in place for faculty and staff in the Department of Mathematics.    

Gradescope is an online system for students to present homework problems and for instructors to provide feedback on assignments. The Gradescope Carmen integration can be used for grading, course management, and assignment workflow.

Learn more about Gradescope.


H5P Authoring Tool

This is a CarmenCanvas integrationSeveral colleges and units have purchased H5P licenses to be used in Carmen. Due to security and digital accessibility constraints, access to this tool is being managed at a college or unit level.

The H5P Authoring Tool enables instructional designers to create dynamic and interactive HTML 5 content using a large toolkit of learning objects in the courses they develop.

Learn more about the H5P Authoring Tool.


This is a CarmenCanvas integration. Several colleges and units have purchased Hypothesis licenses to be used in Carmen. Due to security and digital accessibility constraints, access to this tool is being managed at a departmental level.

Hypothesis is an online tool that allows for collaborative annotation of course content. The tool enables students and teachers to add comments and start conversations directly in the margins of instructional texts and other text-based resources and allows students to take notes and analyze classroom readings, news items, blogs, scientific articles, books, and more. Additionally, the annotation of documents and pages using Hypothesis can be completed publicly, privately, or among a select group.

Learn more about Hypothesis.    



LabArchives is a cloud-based electronic lab notebook (ELN) application that enables users to create, store, share, and securely manage data. University support for LabArchives is provided by the Office of Research.

Learn more about LabArchives


Macmillan Higher Education

This is a CarmenCanvas integration

The Macmillan Portal CarmenCanvas integration connects students from their Carmen course to assignments and homework related to their Macmillan Higher Ed textbook.

Learn more about the Macmillan Higher Education integration.

McGraw-Hill Connect

This is a CarmenCanvas integration

The McGraw-Hill Campus CarmenCanvas integration automatically connects students from their Carmen course to assignments and homework related to their McGraw-Hill textbook.

Learn more about the McGraw-Hill Connect integration.


Microsoft 365

All Ohio State students, faculty, and staff have free access to the Microsoft 365 suite of desktop and mobile apps including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, OneNote, and more. 

Learn more about Microsoft 365.

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching puts professional developer tools, software, and services from Microsoft in the hands of faculty and students with plans that come as a part of various Academic Volume Licensing Agreements. Students receive developer tools at no cost--everything needed to create apps, games, and websites--so they can chase their dreams, create the next big breakthrough in technology, or get a head start on their career.

Learn more about Azure Dev Tools for Teaching. 

OneDrive for Business 

Microsoft OneDrive for Business is a cloud-based solution for storing, syncing, and sharing files. OneDrive makes it easy to collaborate with multiple people on files across different web browsers and operating systems. OneDrive can be used independently or with the CarmenCanvas integration.

Learn more about OneDrive and the OneDrive Carmen integration.


Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook allowing you to take notes, organize, tag, and share content in a mixed-media format.

Learn more about OneNote.


Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation application that allows you to create engaging content with animation, 3D modeling, and cinematic motion. Collaborate and share your presentation with others through OneDrive and Teams.

Learn more about PowerPoint.


Microsoft Sway helps you create and share interactive presentations, projects, portfolios, personal stories, and more. Similar in concept to PowerPoint, it is more geared to digital use than audience-based presentations.

Learn more about Microsoft Sway.


Microsoft Teams is a powerful team-based collaboration tool that provides group chat, channeled conversations, instant messaging, live document collaboration, audio or video calls, and meetings (from one-on-ones to fully-featured audio/video conferences). Teams works in conjunction with other Microsoft 365 applications.

Learn more about Teams.


Microsoft Whiteboard gives the whole class a new space to engage, ideate, and create. Teachers and students can brainstorm and grow ideas on this limitless canvas, coming together on lessons, projects, and more.

Learn more about Whiteboard.


Microsfot Word is a word processing application. Use Word in collaborative note-taking and group assignments with Microsoft 365.

Learn more about Word.


Microsoft Yammer is an alternative to Twitter, allowing only those with an @osu.edu email address to view your posts. Communicate with anyone in the university – faculty, staff, or student. You can also create private groups to narrow the conversation to even smaller audiences, such as a project team or workgroup.

Learn more about Yammer.

 Be sure to check out the complete list of Microsoft 365 suite apps available. 



This is a CarmenCanvas integration

Namecoach can be enabled in any Carmen course to allow students to record the pronunciation of their names and clarify their pronouns.

Learn more about Namecoach.


This is a CarmenCanvas integration in place for instructors and students in The College of Nursing. 

Nearpod is a classroom presentation tool used to create interactive presentations and engage audiences with questions that test knowledge, gauge viewpoints, or gather general information. It allows learners to interact with the instructor, with peers, and with content through activities such as polling, quizzing, drawing, fill-in-the-blank, and matching as well as embedded video, web content, and documents. 

Learn more about Nearpod.



This is a CarmenCanvas integration in place for instructors and students in The College of Nursing. If you are looking for information or assistance, contact con-it@osu.edu or view resources at u.osu.edu/contech/panopto/

Panopto is a cloud-hosted platform for creating, editing, sharing and watching media. It can create digital recordings of audio, video and screen content via a software application or a web browser application.

Pearson MyLab

This is a CarmenCanvas integration

The Pearson MyLab & Mastering integration automatically connects students from their Carmen course to assignments and homework related to their Pearson textbook.

Learn more about the Pearson MyLab integration.


This is a CarmenCanvas integration

Proctorio is an online proctoring solution that is fully integrated into CarmenCanvas. Like other automated remote proctoring tools, it works by recording a student’s screen and webcam marking indicators of possible breaches of exam integrity.

Learn more about whether Proctorio is the right solution for your course. 




Qualtrics is Ohio State's robust, easy-to-use online survey platform for provisioning surveys for classes and research at the university.

Learn more about Qualtrics.


Respondus Lockdown Browser

This is a CarmenCanvas integration

Respondus LockDown Browser is a locked browser to create a more secure testing environment for taking quizzes in CarmenCanvas. The LockDown Browser can be used in a lab or classroom equipped with computers or by students using their own laptops. LockDown Browser is not intended to be used when they are taking online quizzes outside of a proctored situation.  

Learn more about Respondus Lockdown Browser.


Student Technology Loan Program

The Student Technology Loan Program provides actively enrolled Ohio State students with iPad and Microsoft Surface loaner devices. Loans can be short-term or long-term and must be renewed or returned at the end of each semester. 

Learn more about the Student Technology Loan Program. 




This is a CarmenCanvas integration in place for instructors and students in the College of Arts and Sciences and can be installed through a cost-sharing arrangement in other units at Ohio State. Contact ascode@osu.edu for more details. 

ThingLink is an educational technology platform that allows instructors and students to create and explore interactive content through tagging images, videos, and 3D models. Tags can include text, links, videos, pdf files, polling questions, and a variety of other integrated content.

Learn more about ThingLink.


This is a CarmenCanvas integration

Turnitin is an academic anti-plagiarism tool used by instructors and students to avoid plagiarism and ensure academic integrity.  It generates a report that identifies material in a student submission that is similar to content already in Turnitin databases.

Learn more about Turnitin.



Virtual Desktop

The Virtual Desktop, available to all Ohio State faculty, staff, and students, allows users to virtually access a select set of software applications from any device with internet access. This cloud access will enable extended use of these applications for students outside of physical lab spaces and allows instructors to provide the same coursework for both in-person and remote learning.

Learn more about the Virtual Desktop.



This is a CarmenCanvas integration

The Wiley Plus integration automatically connects students from their Carmen course to assignments and homework related to their Wiley textbook.

Learn more about WileyPlus.


This is a CarmenCanvas integration in place for instructors and students in the Welding Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering departments.

WIRIS MathType and CalcMe CarmenCanvas integrations are equation editors that allows users to type and hand-write mathematical notations in Carmen.

Learn more about WIRIS.