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Carmen landing page: My Courses, pagination, announcements, filter, Master Courses, Resources

The Carmen landing page includes the following sections: 

  • My Courses
  • Pagination
  • Announcements
  • Filters
  • Master Courses (Instructors only)
  • Resources & Workshops

Expand each section below for more information on each section.

1. My Courses

The My Courses list displays all courses in which you are enrolled.  There are five components to My Courses. You can organize courses by term, course title, or status.

  1. Term - By default, the terms that will display here are: present term, most recent past term, next upcoming term, and Other. 
  2. Course Title - Once created, the course title will become a link that takes you directly to your course. Students can only access an active link to the course once you have published it. 
  3. Status - The Status section displays the current state of the course:
    • Not Created - The course has not yet been created in Carmen.
    • Unpublished – The course has been created in Carmen but student access has not been enabled.
    • Published –  Student access to this course is enabled.  
  4. Course Management Access (Instructors Only) - The gear icon to the right of the course title indicates you have course management access for this course. This means you have access to one or more of the following functionalities:
    • Create a course 
    • Add users to Carmen courses
    • Transfer final grades from Carmen
2. Pagination

Be default, only ten courses display at once. Click the pagination arrows to display additional courses. Use the Filter options to search and load older courses.

3. Announcements

Announcements include any news from the eLearning Support team. Announcements only appear when there are announcements to view.

4. Filters

By default, the following courses appear in your My Courses list:

  • Present term courses
  • The most recent term
  • “Other” term (any courses that are not an academic or master course)

As a new semester approaches, the oldest term will roll off this list and the upcoming term will be added. Modifying your filter options allows you to manage which courses display in the My Courses list.

UX Tip

Please note the system remembers your filter options for each device you use. This means on your mobile device, you can have filter settings load only current courses, while your laptop filter settings load all of the default courses.

 ​​​​​Search Loaded Courses

Begin typing your course in the Search bar to search for your course from the loaded course list.


The available search box searches currently loaded courses only. If you need to search from courses older than the last term, click the Load Older Courses button. Note the loading process may take time.

Modify Displayed Courses

From the loaded course list, you can choose to display courses based on term, status or role:

  • Term - All terms relevant to the currently loaded courses. Check the box to display courses within a specific term.
  • Status – As noted above, courses might be in one of three status: Not Created, Unpublished or Published. 
  • Role - Only roles relevant to you and those assigned from the Registrar's system display here. 
    Carmen landing page My Courses filter options
5. Master Courses (Instructors Only)

 A master course is a dedicated, consistent space for building instructional materials that you can copy in to an academic course shell each semester.

You can request Master Courses for courses in which you are enrolled as the Instructor. Learn more about using master courses

6. Resources & Workshops

 Additional resources and upcoming workshops for support.