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Sharing an Asset


Accessibility in PebblePad

Prior to developing and sharing content using PebblePad, please carefully read over the Accessibility in PebblePad guide. These guidelines provide strategies for creating accessible content and information on how to get assistance with accessibility concerns.

Any user with accessibility concerns may contact ePortfolio@osu.edu. eLearning Support staff will coordinate with a student's instructors to arrange appropriate accommodations. Students with existing relationships with Student Life Disability Services can reach out to their Access Specialist for assistance with PebblePad. The eLearning Support Team can work with the accessibility specialists to provide additional training and technical support for the tool.

Everything you create or upload into Pebble+ is private unless you choose to share. To share an asset with your instructor, you will first need to choose permission options and then copy the URL generated by Pebble+ to submit in Carmen. 


Some programs using Atlas may require the use of Workbooks or Templates that are set up to automatically submit user work to the assessment platform. This includes GE Launch, Honors, and Scholars workbooks but could include others. You may still need to submit the Share URL for the Asset with your individual instructor for credit on the assignment.

  1. Log into PebblePad via the login page or click the PebblePad link in your course navigation menu.

  2. From the Pebble+ Dashboard, go to your Asset Store.  

  1. From the listing of assets, click the asset you want to share to open it. OR, you can share the asset without opening it by clicking the “i” icon to the right of the name of the asset you want to share. 

  2. Click the I Want To... button at the top right of the screen. 

  3. Click Share

    I want to...Share
  4. Click the With the Web option.  

  5. In the Set Some Permissions for this Share... section of the dialogue box, select the permissions that are appropriate for the assignment. 

  6. Click Share Asset

    Select share permission options
  7. Click Copy this URL

  8. Click Close.

    Copy URL
  9. Open the appropriate assignment in Carmen and follow the instructions for How to Submit an Online Assignment as a Student