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Getting Started with the SML for Instructors

The Secured Media Library (SML) is an online portal to securely stream media for your students to view outside of class.

The SML is intended for media that is:

See Adding Media to the SML for more information about SML requirements and restrictions and to initiate a media addition request.

SML User Roles

Use of the Secured Media Library is limited to instructors and students officially enrolled in Ohio State University academic courses, and to staff in direct support roles.

Individuals who are listed in the Registrar's system as Primary Instructor, Secondary Instructor or Teaching Assistant for a course will have instructor level access in the Secured Media Library and can view all titles and manage playlists for courses in which they have an instructor role.

Individuals who are enrolled in the Registrar's system as a student in an academic course will be able to view movies included in playlists actively assigned to that specific course.

Staff who need access to the Secured Media Library to support course development and are not enrolled in the course in the Registrar's system should contact OTDI for access.

Library Access Level by Role

  View All Media Titles View Assigned Media Titles Create & Assign Playlists
Instructor Yes Yes Yes
Student No Yes No
Support* Yes No No
Staff No No No
Non-OSU No No No
* Support role must be approved by OTDI.