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Terms of Use

U.OSU sites can be used by Ohio State University faculty, staff, and students to support and represent professional and educational activities that stem from being affiliated with Ohio State. Sites can also be used to provide content that officially represents the university if the appropriate footer option is chosen. Sites should not be used for personal blogging, or for professional activities not associated with your position at Ohio State.

All content must comply with the university as Policy on Institutional Data, the guidelines of the Responsible Use of University Computing and Network Resources,Digital Accessibility Policy, and any relevant social media policies of your college or department. Additional resources about copyright and fair use laws can be found here; additional resources about web accessibility are available from the accessibility guide and Ohio State Digital Accessibility Policy.

To see the official text of the U.OSU Terms of Use:

  1. Log into U.OSU
  2. Click on the Users link in the sidebar
  3. Click the Your Profile link
  4. Under Terms of Service Agreement, click View Terms of Service.