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Carmen New Quizzes

New Quizzes is a new assessment engine developed by Instructure that will eventually replace the current engine and become the default quiz-building tool in CarmenCanvas. The current engine, called Classic Quizzes, will be gradually phased out until its deactivation in June 2024. Based on Instructure’s timeline, the Carmen eLearning Support team has created a transition plan for introducing New Quizzes to Ohio State. This page will be updated as the plan progresses and more details become available.

Timeline for Transitioning to New Quizzes

Phase One

Starting mid-autumn 2022, instructors can activate New Quizzes in their courses if they so choose. If New Quizzes is activated in a course at this point, instructors will have the option to create quizzes either through Classic Quizzes or New Quizzes. 

Phase Two

Beginning in summer 2023, New Quizzes will be active in all courses across Ohio State. Instructors can choose to deactivate New Quizzes in their course until autumn semester 2023, at which point the feature will be locked on. The OTDI Educator Professional Learning team will be hosting sessions introducing New Quizzes for instructors looking for hands-on training.

Throughout phase two, Classic Quizzes will still be available for use by instructors, with no required changes to existing quizzes. This means both engines can be used, and instructors will be prompted to choose an engine when creating quizzes.

At this time, instructors can also start migrating their quizzes, question banks, and outcomes to New Quizzes at their own pace.

Phase Three

As spring semester 2024 approaches, the Classic Quiz engine will be deactivated by default in all courses. Instructors will still have the option to reactivate it in their courses if they have not fully transitioned to New Quizzes. Additionally, quizzes will be migrated to New Quizzes when importing content between courses, though users will be able to uncheck that option before confirming the import.

Phase Four

In preparation of the June 2024 deadline set by Instructure, Classic Quizzes will be deactivated permanently in all SU24 courses. Instructors will no longer be able to administer quizzes created in Classic Quizzes and all Classic Quizzes will be automatically migrated to New Quizzes when imported into any course shell.

Instructors will still be able to view these quizzes in their past term courses until Instructure permanently removes Classic Quizzes. This date for permanent removal has yet to be determined but will likely be several years after June 2024 to account for archival requirements.


Different colleges and units may develop their own internal timeline for transitioning to New Quizzes, so make sure to follow any specific guidelines provided by them.

Innovations in New Quizzes

Instructure is tracking the current functionality available in New Quizzes compared to the functionality in Classic Quizzes, with more features being added as they become available in the tool. Below are several examples of key features New Quizzes will bring to Canvas.