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Create forums on your site with bbPress. When activated, you can access forums using the Forum link on the left navigation.

You'll also notice links to Topics and Replies below the Forum link. These are also part of the bbPress forum creation process.

UX Tip

A comprehensive, instructional guide is available on the bbPress website. Note that when you activate bbPress, additional roles appear on your Users page. See the bbPress Roles & Capabilities documentation for details about available bbPress roles.

Getting Started with bbPress

Creating your first forum is a multi-step process. Please see Part 1 - Getting it working on the bbPress site for more comprehensive instructions.

  1. Login to u.osu.edu and navigate to the dashboard of the site that you would like to edit.
  2. Click Forums in the left-side Main Menu.
    Forums menu item in side navigation of U.OSU
  3. Click New Forum.
  4. Add information as desired and click Publish.
    Create New Forum edit screen with title field, wysiwyg body editor, and Forum Attributes widget
    UX Tip

    If you have the Sharing widget from Jetpack enabled, you may want to uncheck the Show sharing buttons option.

  5. Once you have your forum created, you will need some topics. Click Topics in the left-side Main Menu.
  6. Click Create a New Topic.
    New Topic button next to Topics heading
  7. Choose the forum to which you would like to add the topic.
    Topic Attributes widget with type and forum select boxes on Edit Topic page
  8. Add other information as desired and click Publish.
  9. Now that you have both a forum and topics for your forum, you need a place to display them. Click Pages and add a new page.
  10. Title this page and add introductory text.
  11. Within the page content, copy and paste the forum Shortcode, available on the Forum page (e.g., [forum:288] or [forum:164]):
    Forum Shortcode column of available forums table

    This allows your forum to appear in your page.
    Forum shortcode pasted into wysiwyg body editor on Edit Page page
  12. Save this page and add it to your menu (Appearance > Menus). See the Menus guide for details. Your forums appear on the Forums page.
  13. Specify forum settings by clicking Settings > Forum. See the bbPress website for details.