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The Jetpack plugin offers over 15 additional widgets you can activate on your U.OSU site, including:

OSU themes are mobile friendly. Please do not enable the Jetpack Mobile Theme widget. Doing so removes OSU-specific theme information.

UX Tip

Note that Jetpack's Carousel, Slideshow and Tiled Galleries will not appear on your blog if the blog is set to one of the Private blog options. You must choose either "Allow search engines" or "Block search engines" to use Jetpack's Carousel, Slideshow and Tiled Gallery.

Once activated, you can click the Jetpack link in the left-side Main Menu.

Beneath the Jetpack link, you'll notice the following links: Dashboard, Settings, and Akismet. If you have comments turned on, Akismet will filter out spam comments.

Jetpack menu item in side navigation of U.OSU

Connect to WordPress.com

Before Jetpack features are officially activated, you need to connect it to your WordPress.com account. If you do not have WordPress.com account, it is free to sign up.

Activate or Deactivate Jetpack Widgets

After connecting to your WordPress.com account, many of the Jetpack features are automatically activated.

If the widget is not activated yet, it will be grayed out, and a blue Activate button will allow you to activate the widget.

Click Deactivate to deactivate a widget.

Widget options with activate button on Jetpack page on U.OSU

Deactivate Jetpack Widgets

To deactivate widgets, navigate to the Jetpack homepage.

  1. Click Jetpack on the left hand navigation.
  2. Select Settings on the left hand navigation.
  3. Scroll over activated widgets to display the Deactivate link.
  4. Click Deactivate.

Additional Resources

For more information about how Jetpack works, please see the following resources: