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Transfer Final Grades to Faculty Center

Once you set your grading scheme to align with the Registrar's grade basis, use the Carmen landing page to complete the process of transferring final grades from Carmen to the Faculty Center.

  1. Navigate to carmen.osu.edu.

  2. Click Log in. The landing page displays with a list of My Courses. For each course in which you hold an instructor role, a gear icon appears to the right of the course name.

  3. Click the gear icon 

    Carmen landing page gear icon

    to the right of the course for which you would like to transfer final grades. If you need to return to your course to modify grades, click the course title link to enter your course.

  4. Click Final Grades.

    Carmen landing page course management options click Final Grades
  5. Click Begin Transfer Process. A grade preview window displays.

    UX Tip

    Highlighted grades indicate a potential issue with grade transfer. Review the grades displayed on the preview window. Be sure the letter grade matches the grade scheme for your course.

    Grade preview window
  6. Click Transfer Final Grades once you are ready. A confirmation pop-up displays.

    Final grades transfer confirmation pop-up
  7. Click Transfer to confirm or 'x' to return to the preview screen.

  8. The transfer process begins. It may take some time to complete. Once completed, a screen displays showing the status of each grade transfer. You can sort by name, username, SIS ID, Status or Grade.

    UX Tip

    Grades that fail to transfer will list Gen Error in the status column. This means the student is not on the official Faculty Center roster. If a student should be on the official roster and isn't, contact the Registrar's office.

    Final grades transfer status page with Gen error highlighted in red
  9. Click Go to the Faculty Center to post grades. Alternatively, click Return to My Course List to navigate to your course and modify grades.

  10. Once you are logged into the Faculty Center, review the Grade Basis column. The Grade Basis column of the roster will show whether each student should be given a letter grade or P/NP.

    Faculty Center grade basis column highlighted
  11. Grades will appear as A-E for all students, regardless of the grade basis. You must manually change A-D grades to P for P/NP students. You do not need to change E grades to NP for P/NP, as this conversion will be done automatically.

  12. You will not be able to post your grades until the values are correctly set. If you have set all grades correctly and are still unable to submit please contact the Registrar's office.

UX Tip

Review How to Post Final Grades Using the Grade Roster on the Administrative Resource Center when you are ready to post your grades.