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CarmenZoom Account Lifecycle

CarmenZoom accounts are available for current Ohio State faculty, staff, and students. This article covers the lifecycle of your account from activation to your departure from the university.

How do I activate my account?

Employees and students can log in at CarmenZoom to activate their account.  Once logged in, you can begin using the service.

UX Tip

CarmenZoom accounts that have not been logged into for 365 days will be deactivated. If your account has been deactivated due to infrequent use, you can create a new account by logging in again at carmenzoom.osu.edu.

What can I use my CarmenZoom account for?

CarmenZoom can be used for administrative or academic tasks, as well as personal connections. You are expected to comply with the university’s Responsible Use of Computing Resources policy.

If you need a Zoom account for activities that fall outside the Responsible Use policy, please create one using an address that is not managed by Ohio State.

What happens when I leave Ohio State?


  • Graduating students will have access for 30 days after their commencement day.
  • Zoom accounts for students who stop attending without graduating will be removed as soon as they have no active course enrollments.

Faculty and Staff 

Zoom accounts for faculty and staff who leave Ohio State will be deleted after their last day of employment. Emeritus faculty will retain CarmenZoom access. 

What If I have meetings or recordings that need to be saved?

All meetings, recordings and reports will be deleted with your account. If you have items that need to be transferred to someone else before you leave, please contact us at carmenzoom@osu.edu before your last day. You can also download your recordings to your personal device before your account is deleted.

What happens if I leave Ohio State and come back?

Once your username is active again, log in to CarmenZoom and a new account will be created for you. This would apply to returning students and to adjunct faculty who do not have continuous contracts.