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FERPA and Privacy in CarmenZoom

All meetings held in CarmenZoom that include course content or student information are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, also known as FERPA.*

It's important to be aware of steps you can take to protect student privacy when using Zoom.

When recording class sessions or meetings in CarmenZoom:

  • Don't share recordings that include personally identifiable student information with anyone that is not enrolled in your course.
    • Consider recording an asynchronous lecture to share with all class sections.
    • If you plan to share a recording for educational use beyond your course, ensure student video is not visible on screen, students' mics are muted and the chat is hidden.
    • Include language in your syllabus about the purpose of Zoom recordings and the protection of student information. See the suggested language below.
  • Tell students that you will be recording in advance. By default, Zoom notifies meeting participants that a meeting is being recorded, but it is best to have an acknowledgment from you.
  • Allow students to turn off their camera and microphone using Stop Video and Mute in Zoom and participate via Chat if they prefer.

CarmenZoom cloud recordings are available for 120 days, but you can export and save recordings. Learn more about CarmenZoom cloud recordings.

Syllabus language

Include the following language in your syllabus:

This course uses video and audio recordings of class lectures, student presentations, and related materials.  These recordings are available to all students presently enrolled in the course.  Please note that you are not allowed to share these recordings. This is to protect your FERPA rights and those of your fellow students 

* Training on FERPA is available to all Ohio State instructors and staff. Contact the University Registrar if you have questions.