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Manage CarmenZoom Cloud Recordings

Once you have completed a cloud recording you can create a shared link to the recording or download the recording.

Please note that all Cloud recordings are automatically deleted after 120 days. To keep recordings for long-term use, we recommend that you download your cloud recordings, then save them to another service such as Mediasite

Access Cloud Recordings

  1. Navigate to carmenzoom.osu.edu.
  2. Click Sign In.
  3. Enter your Ohio State username (lastname.#) and password.
  4. Click Recordings on the left side of the screen.
  5. Select Cloud Recordings.
  6. Click on your recording. From here, you should have multiple options for sharing this video.
    The share and download links in this image are described in the list below.

Share Cloud Recordings

By default, CarmenZoom cloud recordings require a passcode. Unlike meeting passcodes, recording passcodes cannot be embedded within the link for the recording.

If you have a secure way of doing so (for instance, in your Carmen course), please leave the setting in place and share the passcode. If sharing the passcode securely is not feasible, you may disable the passcode from specific recordings or change the default for your account.

  1. To the right of your listed recordings, you will see a SHARE... button, click it to bring up a Share this cloud recording dialog box.
  2. You will have a number of settings to choose from: 
    1. Only authenticated users can view – Limit access to authenticated users logged into their CarmenZoom accounts
    2. Viewers can download – Allow others to download the video for local viewing
    3. Password protect – Require students enter a password to access the video
      UX Tip

      Please consider ease of student access and your preferred level of security when making these configurations. However, in order to ensure equitable access to your course materials, we recommend configuring your settings so that students can download your videos.

  3. Click Copy sharing information to clipboard. This will copy a system-generated message to your clipboard that you can paste into an email or assignment. See the Share CarmenZoom Cloud Recordings in Carmen guide for detailed instructions. 
  4. Share the Cloud Link: To share a direct link with students, select Share from the upper right-hand corner. Configure the settings for your Cloud recording and access the URL for your video in the Recording Link Information section. You also have the following options:
    The recording share options in this image are described below