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Getting Started with the SML for Students

The Secured Media Library (SML) is an online portal for securely streaming media for you to view outside of class.

In order to view titles for your course through the SML, your instructor will create playlists and assign them to your course for a specified period of time.

Logging in to the SML

As a student, you will always access the SML by signing in to the SML home page at drm.osu.edu or go.osu.edu/SML with your Ohio State University username and password.

UX Tip

If you have already authenticated to another site in the same browser session you may not be prompted for credentials.

If your instructor provides a link other than the SML home page mentioned above, you will not be able to access the titles assigned to you, as direct links to specific titles are not possible.

See Navigating the SML and Viewing a Title for more information on using the SML as a student.