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Create a Presentation Using an External Source

You can upload your own recordings made using software other than the Mediasite Mosaic.

Only one file can be uploaded at a time. Although users can select multiple files, only the last of the series will be successfully imported.

UX Tip

When you upload a file, Mediasite will change it to a proprietary format. Depending on the characteristics of your original file, the output may be noticeably different.

  1. Login to the MyMediasite portal.
  2. Click Add Presentation on the left side of the page.
    Add Presentation button on left side page
  3. Select Browse Files.
    Browse Files button under I want to upload a file from my computer option
  4. Locate and choose the recording you would like to upload and click Open.
  5. Supported file types include: FLV, MP4, MP3, MOV, WMV and AVI.
  6. Give your video a title and description. Then, select the destination by choosing the channel or shared folder where you wish to keep your recording. If you do not select a destination the presentation will by default appear in the My Drafts folder.
  7. Click Create Presentation.
    Name field, Description field, Destination select options and Create Presentation button on New Presentation Details page
  8. Your presentation will appear in your Mediasite portal. It will not be available for viewing until after it finishes processing and the OCR is complete.

    Upload time varies depending on the recorded material and number of jobs already in the server's transcoding queue. To be sure your presentation is viewable, please check back:

    • before the end of the day, if using a public computer. See the Mediasite Mosaic in Classrooms guide if using a University Classroom computer.
    • within 24 hours, if using a personal device.