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Working with Channels

What are Channels?

Channels are resources you create yourself in your MyMediasite portal. They allow you to distribute a group of presentations that you created using Mediasite Mosaic or Upload Media. For presentations to appear in a Channel, you must publish each presentation to the specific Channel.

UX Tip

We encourage you to create the Channel before creating the presentations that will go into it. Doing so simplifies your publishing process. Note that publishing your presentation to a Channel does not make it viewable. A presentation cannot be played by others until you change the presentation's status from Private to Viewable.

To learn how to publish presentations to a Channel, see Moving Presentations to a Channel or Shared Folder.

Why use Channels?

You might use channels to organize your presentations, but distribute your presentations individually. You might also share the Channel URL with others, distributing a group of your presentations at once. By default, all individuals with a lastname.# and password can see your Channel if they have the URL.