Teaching and Learning Resource Center

Creating a Site

U.OSU allows users to create multiple sites under their account. Follow the instructions below to create a site that can be accessed from your dashboard when you login to U.OSU.

  1. Login to u.osu.edu.
  2. Click My Sites from the upper-left corner of your page. The My Sites page appears.
    My Sites menu link in admin toolbar of U.OSU
  3. Click Create a New Site. A U.OSU form appears. From the form page, you will see a list of all sites you are a member of and the options for adding new ones.
    Create a New Site link on My Sites page
  4. Choose the URL and title for new your site.
    Site Name field and Site Title fields on U.OSU web page
  5. Select the language for your site.
  6. Choose the appropriate privacy options. If you wish to require a password for visitors, enter that here as well.
  7. Pick the Category of your site - Faculty, Staff, Student, Class, or Group.
  8. Click Create Site.
    Language select box, Privacy select options, and Blog Category select box with Create Site button at the bottom

Deleting sites

While Wordpress allows you to delete your site (Tools > Delete Site), site data is not actually deleted; it simply becomes inaccessible. If you choose to delete a site, you will not be able to use the URL name again.

For course sites, we recommend bulk deleting comments / posts after the semester ends as one way to reuse your site URL.

You can transfer ownership of a site/URL by adding another user to your site in the Admin role and have that user remove your account.