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Add Mediasite Presentations to Carmen Using the Mediasite Integration


Please do not include more than one presentation per page. If there is more than one video loading at the same time, the presentations may not play as expected.

  1. Log in to CarmenCanvas and navigate to the appropriate course.

  2. Navigate to the rich content editor on a page, announcement, discussion post, assignment description, etc.

  3. Click the electrical plug (Apps) icon

    From the Rich Content Editor click the electrical plug (apps) icon
  4. Search for or scroll to and click the Mediasite link. 

    Scroll or search for Mediasite in the apps list
  5. Click Presentation

    Select "Presentation"
  6. You should see a list your most recent presentations; you can also use the search bar to located a presentation. 

  7. From the Add to "Course Name" drop-down options, select one of the options: Presentation LinkPlayer Only or Abstract + Player -- you probably want to choose the Player Only option.

    Select one of the options to have the video or video link embedded in the rich content editor
  8. The video will be embedded in your page based on your choice.

  9. Click Save

    Canvas Save button

    The video (player only) as it appears in Carmen:

    Embedded Mediasite presentation