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Canvas Mobile Apps

Carmen is accessed in one of two ways: 

  • Web interface (carmen.osu.edu) 
  • Vendor mobile apps

The Canvas Student app is intended for students and the Canvas Teacher app is intended for instructors. Both apps are available for Android and iOS devices. 

Depending on your device and intended purpose, the mobile applications may be more useful than the web interface. See Canvas App vs. Browser Tips for more information.

Please be aware that courses are only visible to students within the Canvas mobile apps once the course is created by the instructor. This is different from the full web-interface view, where students can see all their course enrollments, including uncreated courses. This can cause confusion about enrollment status and app functionality. We ask instructors to create their courses well before the semester begins, and we encourage students to verify enrollment at carmen.osu.edu.

Why Use the Mobile Apps?

The mobile apps allow you to more easily navigate Canvas while using a mobile device.

With the Canvas Student app, students can do the following:

  • View the Syllabus, Pages, Announcements, and Grades
  • Read and download PDFs or Word documents
  • Turn in submissions, including file uploads, media recordings, text entry and online URLs
  • Take Quizzes, though this is not recommended on a mobile device
  • Participate in Discussions
  • Type and send messages through the Canvas Inbox

With the Canvas Teacher app, instructors can do the following:

  • Browse submissions and provide feedback with SpeedGrader embedded in the app
  • Post announcements
  • Send messages
  • Participate in course discussions
  • Update assignments such as due dates and spelling errors
  • Publish assignments
  • Manage discussion settings

See CarmenCanvas App vs. Browser Tips for more information on maximizing your Carmen experience.

How do I set-up the Mobile App?

Use the steps outlined below to download and set up the Canvas mobile apps.

The following screenshots were taken on a mobile phone. The process for tablets and Android devices remains the same, though may display differently.

The Canvas mobile apps have an option to log in by scanning a QR code. This is the recommended login method for accessing the Canvas mobile apps, but it does require access to a second device (computer, smartphone, or tablet) to complete the login process. If you do not have access to a second device you can use the Find my school button to log in, but you may have issues accessing course content.

  1. In a web browser on a second device, log in to osu.instructure.com.
  2. In Global Navigation, click the Account link [1], then click the QR Code for Mobile Login link [2].
    Canvas account interface displaying the QR for Mobile Login option
  3. On your mobile device, download and open the Canvas application that fits your role.
    UX Tip

    Students: Be sure to download Canvas created by Instructure.

    Instructors: Be sure to download Canvas Teacher created by Instructure

  4. Click on the QR Login option below the Find my school button. 
    Click QR Login
  5. Click Next on the pop-up that appears, then use the mobile device to scan the QR code displayed on your computer.
    Split image shows the scan interface, and the QR code display
  6. View the Dashboard to load your courses.

Canvas Guides

For additional support, see instructions specific to your device:

Canvas Student App

Canvas Teacher (Instructors)