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Accessibility in PebblePad

Prior to developing and sharing content using PebblePad, please carefully read over the Accessibility in PebblePad guide. These guidelines provide strategies for creating accessible content and information on how to get assistance with accessibility concerns.

Any user with accessibility concerns may contact ePortfolio@osu.edu. eLearning Support staff will coordinate with a student's instructors to arrange appropriate accommodations. Students with existing relationships with Student Life Disability Services can reach out to their Access Specialist for assistance with PebblePad. The eLearning Support Team can work with the accessibility specialists to provide additional training and technical support for the tool.

Activities in PebblePad are not directly connected to assignments in CarmenCanvas. If you want your Carmen gradebook to reflect work completed in PebblePad, have students: 

  • Submit a link to an online assignment that accepts Website URLs.
  • Students will then need to share the appropriate Asset With the web and submit the resulting URL to your assignment. In the assignment description, remind students to choose With the web when sharing their Asset.
Share dialogue box

 There are three permission settings that can be chosen when sharing Assets with the web.

  • Allow viewer to leave a comment: This setting allows anyone viewing the asset to leave a comment. Those comments are visible to anyone who uses the same URL to view the asset.
  • Hide from search engines: When an Asset is shared to the web, it will be discoverable by search engines. This setting will limit access to people who have the URL.
  • View for a specified amount of time: An expiration date can be chosen for the shared URL, after which the Asset will no longer be visible.

Hide from search engines is enabled by default and should not be adjusted. If you want students to use either of the other two settings, make sure to note that in your assignment.

share asset with the web dialogue window