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Navigate the PebblePad Interface


Accessibility in PebblePad

Prior to developing and sharing content using PebblePad, please carefully read over the Accessibility in PebblePad guide. These guidelines provide strategies for creating accessible content and information on how to get assistance with accessibility concerns.

Any user with accessibility concerns may contact ePortfolio@osu.edu. eLearning Support staff will coordinate with a student's instructors to arrange appropriate accommodations. Students with existing relationships with Student Life Disability Services can reach out to their Access Specialist for assistance with PebblePad. The eLearning Support Team can work with the accessibility specialists to provide additional training and technical support for the tool.

PebblePad refers to two systems: Pebble+ and Atlas. Both systems are viewable to all users, but Pebble+ is the student-focused system while Atlas is designed for assessment and programmatic administration for approved programs.

Once you login to PebblePad for the first time, you’ll be taken to the Pebble+ Home page, also referred to as your Pebble+ Dashboard. The tiles on the Home page can be used to access the different features of the tool including the Get creative space where you can create new projects and the Store where you can curate and manage Assets. Additionally, the Burger menu in the top left corner is a quick way to move through the main parts of Pebble+ from anywhere in the system. You can also find the template and workbook builder tools under the Burger menu where you can create guided learning experiences for your students.


Navigate PebblePad Interface

To move throughout the different parts of the PebblePad system, you’ll use the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Screenshot PebblePad Top Menu


Screenshot PebblePad Burger Menu

Burger menu icon - Opens a side menu with access to many parts of Pebble+ (learn more about the burger menu).


Screenshot PebblePad Logo

PebblePad logo - Returns you to the homepage of the product that you are in.


Screenshot PebblePlus icon

Pebble+ icon - Takes you to the Pebble+ homepage.


Screenshot Atlas Logo

Atlas icon - Takes you to your Atlas dashboard.


Screenshot OSU Teaching & Learning Resource Center PebblePad Help icon

Ohio State TLRC PebblePad icon - Takes you to the Ohio State Teaching & Learning Resource Center PebblePad help page.


Screenshot Search icon

Search icon - Opens a search tool in the sidebar where you can perform a keyword search for items in your Store.


Screenshot History icon

History icon - Opens a list of the things you have been working on recently so that you can easily select and return to any one of these.


Screenshot Logout icon

Logout icon- Log out of PebblePad. This is especially important if you are working on a computer that is likely to be used by others. You should always log out if you are intending to continue using PebblePad on a different device or machine.  

UX Tip

If you are part of a program that is using Atlas and have questions about your tasks, please contact the region administrator(s) in your department or college.

If you lead an Ohio State program and want to know more about whether Atlas might be a useful tool, please contact us at eportfolio@osu.edu.