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Managing SML Playlists

The Secured Media library uses playlists which are groups of one or more titles made accessible together as a single unit. The playlists are then assigned to your courses for a specified period of time.

Playlists will be visible only to students and instructional staff listed in the Registrar's rosters.

Titles, independent of playlists, cannot be assigned to classes, but you can create a playlist containing only a single title.

Once a playlist has been created it exists until manually deleted. This allows instructors that teach the same course syllabus again to reuse playlists and not have to recreate them from term to term.

Sharing titles with your students

Playlists are not assigned to courses upon creation.

Once a playlist has been made, and films added to the playlist, it must be assigned to the desired course section in order for your students to view the assigned titles.

If a course has more than one instructor, i.e. the professor and a teaching assistant, playlists assigned by all the instructors will be visible to the course. However, playlists are unique to each user account, so a teaching assistant could not edit the faculty's playlist and vice versa.

To summarize, in order to share titles with your students you need to:

  1. Create a playlist
  2. Add titles to the playlist
  3. Assign the playlist to your course sections