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Adding a Banner

Users who are interested in including a banner image can do so by enabling the Oval theme.


Banner images should be approximately 910px wide and no taller than 400px. Large (high resolution) image files may cause a delay in pages loading.

  1. Once the Oval theme is activated, click Appearance to navigate to the Themes page if not already there.
  2. From the submenu, click Customize. The customizing page appears.
    Customize menu item under Themes in side navigation of U.OSU
  3. Click the Banner Image tab. The tab opens.
    Banner Image expanded with Select Image button and Banner image alt text field in Customizer side menu
  4. Click the gray text that says Select Image. The Media Library opens.
    Available images under Media Library on Select Image window
  5. Select an image from your Media Library or upload a new image.
    • To upload a new image, click the Upload Files tab to upload a new file.
    • Click Select Files to search and upload a file from your device or click and drop a file anywhere on the window.
      Drag and drop space and Select Files button in Insert Media window
    • Once the image uploads, the Media Library tab displays with the image selected.
  6. Type the appropriate Caption, Alt Text and Description in the boxes on the right-hand section.
  7. Click Choose Image.
    Choose Image button at the bottom of Insert Media window
  8. After the file is uploaded, enter Banner image alt text to describe your image for visitors who use screen readers.
  9. Click Save & Publish from the top of the toolbar.
  10. Click the X in the upper-left corner of the screen to return to your U.OSU Dashboard.