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Add Mediasite Presentations to Carmen

There are a few ways to share your Mediasite recordings within the Content area of Carmen:

  • embed a presentation using the Mediasite integration

  • embed a catalog using the Mediasite integration

  • create a link to a Mediasite presentation


    Be sure your presentation is set to Viewable before sharing your recording with others. If set to Private, viewers will receive an error message when they attempt to watch the recording.

Embedding the presentation allows viewers to watch the recording within Carmen. The Mediasite search that is part of the integration allows you to more easily choose which video to embed from within Carmen. It also provides you the option to embed you catalog or channel quickly.

Pasting the embed code directly may be useful if you currently have the recording easily accessible in another browser. The embed code can also be used to embed your Mediasite presentation within U.OSU or other sites.

Creating a link to your presentation opens the recording in a new window.