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Managing your Presentation

Within the MyMediasite Portal, click the presentation to access the presentation properties. The Information tab opens.

From the presentation properties, you can control each piece of your presentation.

The frame of your presentation is the Player (i.e., how viewers see your presentation). Each piece within the player (i.e., the video, captions, polls, download ability) can be individually enabled to fit your needs.

You can share individual recordings, edit video options, change security settings for your recordings, or delete recordings.

See the Using the Web Editor guide for more details about editing the video itself. See the Working with Channels and Catalog Overview guides for more details regarding managing catalogs and channels.

Elements of this MyMediasite Portal window are described in the list below

Information page - When you click to open your presentation properties, the Information tab opens by default.

  1. Record New Video and Upload New Video - Use these buttons to record or upload new media for your presentation. Since presentations are a combination of discrete parts within a frame, this does not impact other settings.
  2. Delete - Click the Delete button at any time to delete your presentation.
  3. Information Details - The information tab shows your setting choices. Modify these settings by clicking Edit tab. See Navigating Presentation Editing Options for more information
  4. Watch - Opens your presentation in a new browser tab.
    Edit presentation settings - Allows you to edit the presentation information including title, description, visibility, selecting a Player, enabling Q&As and Pools. See Navigating Presentation Editing Options for more information.
    View Analytics - View presentation analytics information.
    Publish - The Publish tab controls where your presentation appears. See Moving Presentations to a Channel or Shared Folder for details.
    Copy To - This option is available to users who have requested that their Shared Folder allow users to copy presentations into the shared folder.
    Move To - Move the presentation to a different folder or channel.
  5. Editing the Video - Click Edit Video to open the Web Editor. Click Edit Slides to add a title and description to each slide.
  6. Moderate - Click Edit Polls or Edit Q&A to moderate each tool if it has been enabled for your presentation.
  7. Dates - Provides the dates the presentation was Recorded On and Uploaded On.
  8. Statistics - Video view statistics, video duration, and video size information.
  9. Security - Allows you to manage user roles.
  10. Visibility - Set your presentation to Viewable or Private.
  11. Share - Share your presentation.
  12. Download - Download options, will appear here if they have been enabled.
  13. Modules - If you are accessing Mediasite through the CarmenCanvas integration, modules are created to associate presentations with specific Carmen courses.