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Shared Folders and Channels: What's the difference?

Shared Folders and Channels have a number of similarities, but each serves distinct purposes.

  • Shared Folders - Shared folders have two purposes. The first purpose is for collaboration. Request a shared folder by using the Mediasite Contact Form when you want to work with another instructor, staff member, or TA (who has a name.# and password and is able to login to MyMediasite) to create presentations in a single space. Each person within the Shared Folder can create, upload and edit presentations.
    The second purpose is for Hardware Recorder presentations. If you schedule a Hardware Recording, your presentations appears in the Shared Folder category. Unless you specify otherwise when you schedule the recordings, only you will have access to this Shared Folder.
  • Channels - Channels are self-created. You can create multiple Channels in your MyMediasite Portal and publish your presentations to the desired Channel. There are a couple ways you can use the Channels. You might use them to organize your presentations, but distribute each one individually. You might also share the Channel URL with others, distributing a group of your presentations at once. By default, all individuals with a name.# and password can see your Channel once they have the URL.
    UX Tip

    If you intend to publish a presentation to a Channel, we recommend you create the Channel first. The process for adding the presentation to the Channel will be faster and simpler.

Channels provide a way to distribute a group of presentations for viewing purposes. Channels can be associated with Shared Folders; this allows you to distribute a collection of scheduled Hardware Recorder presentations or presentations on which you have worked with others.

See Working with Channels for more details.