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Getting Started with Mediasite

About the Service

Mediasite is a lecture capture tool that allows you to record class sessions or lectures and upload the recordings automatically to university servers.


This service is intended to be used as lecture capture and course content hosting space rather than an archive of stored videos. Recordings in Mediasite will be available for two years plus one semester. Instructors may download their presentations prior to the content being removed from the server if they wish to retain a copy of the recordings.

Please contact the Knowledge Bank if you have video recordings you feel should be archived. If you need to distribute copyright-protected content to your students, please see the Secured Media Library for information about a distribution service that is compliant with US copyright law.

Mosaic v. Hardware Recorder

Mediasite Mosaic allows instructors to record presentations from a computer's desktop, during a class session or at any other time. All full-time Ohio State employees may download Mosaic.

The Hardware Recorder is available for instructors teaching in large lecture halls that are equipped to video record lectures automatically according to the class schedule. Instructors who want to use this option must request that it be enabled during their classtime. See the Mediasite Hardware Recorder guide for details.


Before you begin recording: Stop. Clear. Project. Be sure all sensitive data is removed from the recording area.


After recording, you can then choose to share links to individual videos or a link to a Mediasite channels page, which includes a set of recordings. Channels are are resources you create yourself in your MyMediasite portal.

All recordings are protected by university authentication (i.e., viewers must login with a university username and password).


Before others can see your presentation, you must change the privacy setting by clicking the lock icon located below the presentation in your MyMediasite Portal which will set the presentation from"Private" to "Viewable." Only you can view recordings set to Private. When set to Viewable, you allow others to access your recording. All individuals with an OSU name.# and password can access Viewable recordings. Update your security settings to change a recording's visibility.

Lock icon with hover text of Private and unlocked icon with hover text of Viewable under presentation