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Share Mediasite Presentations

What does it mean to "share" presentations in Mediasite? There are a number of contexts in which you'll notice the word share used:

Private vs. Viewable

By design, presentations created or uploaded using the Mediasite Desktop Recorder are initially set to Private. This allows you - the owner - to review and make any changes before sharing it with your viewers. In order to distribute your presentation, or collaborate on an individual presentation, the presentation setting must be Viewable.

UX Tip

By setting your presentation to Viewable, you allow others to play the presentation; otherwise, viewers will see an error message when they go to play your presentation.

You can change the settings in one of two places.

  1. From the main MyMediasite Portal page, click the lock icon located below the presentation in your MyMediasite Portal which will set the presentation from "Private" to "Viewable."
    Lock icon with hover text of Private and unlocked icon with hover text of Viewable under presentation
  2. Choose the presentation. Scroll down to the Visibility section. Then, select your chosen visibility settings from the Visibility drop-down menu.
    Viewable and Private select options under Visibility select box