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Enabling Activities (Polls, Q&A and Viewer Sharing)

Enable or disable interactive features, such as a Q&A forum or Polls, from the Playback Options section of the Player properties. See Using Polls and Using Q&A Forums for more details about each.

You can also enable viewers to share the recording with others via email by selecting the appropriate boxes.

Choose Other Playback Options

  1. Login to the MyMediasite Portal
  2. Choose the presentation for which you want to change the Player option. The Information tab appears.
  3. Click Edit.
    Edit menu link in right side navigation
  4. Choose the Player sub-tab.
  5. Select your preferred Player options. For example, check "Enable Presentation Sharing" to allow viewers to distribute your presentation via email.
    Playback Options including Use Q & A Forum, Enable Presentation Sharing, Add Presentation Link, and Enable Polls check boxes under Player tab
  6. Click Save.