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Macmillan is integrated into Carmen as a homework system. The Macmillan Portal connects students from their Carmen course to assignments and homework related to their Macmillan Higher Ed textbook.

Instructor Login and Setup Information

  1. First, you must enable the Macmillan widget in Carmen. Follow the directions to enable navigation links in your course. The widget is titled Macmillan Higher Education. 

  2. Then, begin the process to link your Macmillan course to the Carmen course. Click the Macmillan link in the course navigation.

  3. Click Getting Started. The Macmillan site opens.

  4. Follow the instructions in the Macmillan video tutorials below to create your course and choose the modules you'd like to create, as well as how to sync graded items between systems. At this point, if you have questions or concerns, please contact your Macmillan representative.

    Available Macmillan tutorials:

    The Macmillan video tutorials display the old version of the Canvas interface; however, the steps to follow are the same.

Student Information

First-time users will need to create a new account. Students will then be prompted to input the Access Code they purchased or to purchase an Access Code. Once the content is unlocked, click Continue to Site and the course home page will open.

You can watch the video tutorial, Student Registration: Connecting your Canvas and LaunchPad Accounts, for more details.

Instructors do not need to send an email invitation to their students since students will activate their accounts and enter via the Carmen course.

Technical Support

To contact Macmillan Higher Ed-tech support:

Fill out a request form: macmillan.force.com/macmillanlearning/s/contactsupport

Call toll-free: 1-800-936-6899