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Panopto is a cloud-hosted platform for creating, editing, sharing and watching media. It can create digital recordings of audio, video and screen content via a software application or a web browser application. Panopto records this content, processes it and can make the content available on demand, or as downloadable audio and video podcasts. The platform also has robust knowledge assessment functionality and interactive elements. 

The Ohio State University is exploring whether to offer Panopto university wide by offering a pilot instance to a limited group of instructors, staff and students.   

Who can use Panopto? 

Only instructors who are part of the pilot may use Panopto in their academic courses. Use of the tool in classes not participating in the pilot will not be supported. If you are curious about Panopto and simply want to explore the tool, you are free to log in at it.osu.edu/panopto-pilot. Note that all content in the system will be removed after May 2, 2023. 

UX Tip

The College of Nursing has a separate instance of Panopto already established. If you are looking for information or assistance regarding that platform, contact con-it@osu.edu or view resources at u.osu.edu/contech/panopto/


In compliance with the Ohio State Digital Accessibility Policy and Minimum Web Accessibility Standards, all multimedia presentations should provide captioning. 

Panopto will generate captions for all videos automatically, but that alone does not meet the requirement for ADA compliance. System-generated captions must be reviewed and corrected within seven days of publishing to be compliant. 

Users who are reliant on a screen reader or other assistive technology may encounter issues using Panopto. Users with accessibility concerns may contact panopto@osu.edu. eLearning Support staff will coordinate with instructors to arrange appropriate accommodations. 

Security and Privacy

If video and audio recordings of class lectures are created, those recordings will be part of the classroom activity. The video and audio recording is used for educational use/purposes and may be made available to all students presently enrolled in the course.

Please keep in mind the data classification(link is external) for this tool is S3 - Private. You are not permitted to use this tool to disseminate S4 - Restricted data.


During the pilot period, refer to Panopto’s support website for guidance on using the platform. See the following Panopto Community articles to get started. 

Technical Support 

If you need additional help with Panopto, you can contact Ohio State’s eLearning Support team at panopto@osu.edu.