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CarmenCanvas Integrations

The Office of Distance Education and eLearning works with instructors, departments and outside services to incorporate meaningful third-party integrations into CarmenCanvas.

Third-party integrations allow students to access resources related to their course through Carmen, even though they are housed in another online system. Depending on the integration, instructors may be able to transfer content, assignments, and grades from the integration into Carmen.

For example, an instructor might require students to complete online activities related to their textbook. If an integration has been established with that publisher, students can jump from their Carmen course to the textbook site without having to log in each time. If the integration allows for it, assignments and grades from the online material will transfer to Carmen, streamlining the process for instructors.

Each integration works slightly differently. The process instructors and students must follow to move from Carmen to the other site vary depending on the service. The table of contents to the left shows the relationships already in place. Click the link for related information for both instructors and students.

Departments or instructors can request integrations with other publishers or services. While we cannot guarantee integration with Carmen, we will work with you and the vendor's representatives to determine if an integration is feasible.  

Key criteria include:

  • the vendor's system includes an integration that is stable and compatible with Carmen
  • the vendor is able to satisfy Ohio State's legal and security concerns
  • acceptable decisions have been reached about who will pay any fees associated with the use of the third-party products
  • the vendor has a support structure that students can take advantage of when they encounter problems after leaving the Carmen course
  • the number of courses or students who will use the integration is already substantial or has the potential for growth

If you are interested in discussing an integration with Carmen, please send an email to carmen@osu.edu.  Because of the legal, security, and technical concerns that must be addressed, establishing an integration can take two or three months.

Current Integrations

Currently enabled integrations: