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Nearpod is a classroom presentation tool used to create interactive presentations and engage audiences with questions that test knowledge, gauge viewpoints, or gather general information. It allows learners to interact with the instructor, with peers, and with content through activities such as polling, quizzing, drawing, fill-in-the-blank, and matching as well as embedded video, web content, and documents. 

UX Tip

This integration is in place for students and faculty in the College of Nursing.

There is a limit on the number of students who can attend a live presentation at any one time in the free version of Nearpod. See Nearpod's notes on sharing for more information.

Nearpod presentations run on mobile devices using the Nearpod app or from a desktop computer.

How do I get started?

Presentations can be created from scratch in Nearpod, or an existing PowerPoint can be uploaded and enhanced using the tools and activities in Nearpod. Create a free account in Nearpod to get started. You can share a Nearpod presentation with a live audience and control the pace at which they view the presentation, or it can be made available for asynchronous, student-paced access in Carmen or on a website. Nearpod has detailed instructions with screenshots to help you create your first Nearpod presentation.

Can I get participation information from Nearpod?

Nearpod shows you in real time how your audience is responding to quiz and poll questions, short answer questions, and drawing prompts. It also allows them to post sticky notes to a collaborative bulletin board that displays in a web page you can share later on social media or via a URL.

Nearpod produces reports on aggregate audience participation as well as individual reports that connect to SpeedGrader and the Carmen Gradebook. The instructor can then see, from the Carmen Gradebook, who participated in the Nearpod lesson and open each student's participation record in SpeedGrader in order to enter a grade, if desired. Alternatively, the Nearpod lesson can be added to a Module in Carmen if it does not need to be associated with a grade or assignment. Read more about how Nearpod integrates with the CarmenCanvas. .

Student Information 

Students do not need to create an account to view Nearpod presentations. They simply enter a five-letter code you provide to them, or they access the presentation from Carmen with no code entry necessary. They can take notes on your presentation directly in their Nearpod interface and send the notes to their email address or save them to a folder in their Google Drive. The student notes include images of each slide with the student's annotations under each slide on a PDF document.

Technical Support


There are several ways to find answers to your questions about using Nearpod: 


Anyone can use the free version of Nearpod to create interactive presentations. The College of Nursing has a limited number of upgraded instructor accounts for Nearpod (view the differences here).

There are several ways to find answers to your questions about using Nearpod: 

  • Explore the teacher resources on the Nearpod website. 

  • While you are logged in to Nearpod, click the blue button in the lower right corner of your browser window to chat with Nearpod support.

  • Email support@nearpod.com.

  • Contact the College of Nursing IT department at CON-IT@osu.edu