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Set Up Proctorio

To get started with Proctorio, you first need to download Google Chrome and install the Proctorio Extension for Chrome. Proctorio only works with Google Chrome. 

Optional: You can set up a Proctorio profile to save your settings. Proctorio Profiles (Settings) are synced with Google Accounts. This means that in order to access saved Proctorio settings, instructors should ensure their Google Chrome browser is logged in to the Google Account where settings are saved. Learn more about Proctorio data security


Due to the security protocols on the Ohio State Medical Center network, Proctorio is not available while utilizing the Ohio State Medical Center network. Instead, Ohio State Wireless has been deployed across all Medical Center facilities. Those using Proctorio in Ohio State Medical Center facilities should connect to Ohio State Wireless before using the tool. 

Step 1: Install Google Chrome

To install Chrome on your computer, visitgoogle.com/intl/en/chrome/browser

Once Chrome has been downloaded, you will need to use it to access your exams.


Do not use Proctorio with Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox or Safari.

Step 2: Install Proctorio Chrome Extension

Proctorio also requires an app extension that needs to be added to Chrome. You only need to do this once. 

  1. Navigate to getproctorio.com

  2. Click the link under Install Proctorio Chrome Extension

  3. Click Add extension

Proctorio has been added!

Your next steps are to Enable Proctorio in a CarmenCanvas Quiz followed by the Proctorio Exam Setup

Install Instruction Video

This video will help you or your students navigate the Proctorio extension install process. We recommend sharing this video with your students https://go.osu.edu/install-proctorio-extension

Technical Support Help 

Proctorio provides 27/7 help via phone and chat. 

Phone: (866)-948-9087  

While the Resource Center provides documentation about getting started with Proctorio, users can access additional help materials through the Proctorio extension.

In order to access the Proctorio Help and Support Center and 24/7 Live Chat, users must:

  • Be using Chrome.
  • Have the Proctorio Chrome extension installed.
  • Must be in a CarmenCanvas course in which Proctorio has been enabled.

To access the help information and Live Chat:

  1. Click on the Proctorio Chrome extension icon.

  2. Click Live Chat to speak to a Proctorio representative.

  3. Click Help and Support Center for videos and step-by-step guides.

    Proctorio Live Chat and Help Support Center

Users can contact the eLearning Support team at carmen@osu.edu for assistance with the Proctorio integration.