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Proctorio Syllabus Language and Expectations for Students

Communicating Expectations to Students

Virtual proctoring tools can cause additional anxiety for some students, on top of normal test anxiety, especially if students perceive that the software is making automatic determinations about cheating. There are steps you can take to lessen these anxieties and humanize the experience.

  • Give students clear parameters for the rules of the exam, and let them know that normal test-taking behaviors—fidgeting, looking around—do not constitute cheating.
  • Provide syllabus language around the use of Proctorio in your course. 
  • Emphasize that, at Ohio State, proctoring software does not make decisions about whether cheating occurred. There is a fair, well-documented academic misconduct process.
  • Set up a practice exam for students to test the software and get used to the interface well before the exam.

Syllabus Language

When using Proctorio, instructors should include the following language in their syllabus. It is imperative to be upfront with students about course academic integrity expectations. Beyond this language, ensure that students are given the opportunity and encouraged to take the practice quiz with Proctorio before an exam for credit is deployed. This will ensure that the entire class, including those with accessibility concerns, will be ready to use Proctorio or have an alternative in place.

Proctorio, an online proctoring tool, will be used during this course. Proctorio offers you flexibility to take your exams at the time and in the location of your choosing.  

  • Technology requirements: Students are required to have a webcam (USB or internal) with a microphone and a strong and stable internet connection.  

  • Testing environment: During the course of an exam, Proctorio will record the testing environment, therefore students should select private spaces for the exam session where disruptions are unlikely and where recording devices can be enabled. Instructions for Proctorio use will be provided.  

  • Limitations: To use Proctorio you must be over 18 years of age. Additionally, the tool has limitations in its accessibility for students reliant upon screen readers and keyboard navigation. Additional information on academic integrity at Ohio State and recommended proctoring options are available.  

  • Academic integrity and academic misconduct: Please note that while Proctorio settings may flag suspected cheating during exams, these automatic measures do not constitute a determination of academic misconduct. Any suspicion of misconduct will be referred to the Committee on Academic Misconduct and evaluated through a fair and transparent process 

If you have concerns about using an online proctoring tool for the reasons listed above or in general, please work with your instructor to find an equivalent alternative.