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Getting Started with Proctorio for Instructors

Proctorio is an online proctoring solution that is fully integrated into CarmenCanvas. Like other automated remote proctoring tools, it works by recording a student’s screen and webcam marking indicators of possible breaches of exam integrity. 

The tool allows you to: 

  • Verify the identity of students taking an exam based on scans of approved identification

  • Record students’ webcam, audio, and computer screen for review afterward in cases of suspected academic misconduct 

  • Establish specific exam parameters to determine what the tool will flag or ignore  
    Note: Settings may be adjusted for a variety of scenarios, such as an open- book exam 

While the system has algorithms that may assist you in reviewing recordings if you suspect cheating, it is important to note that the Committee on Academic Misconduct (COAM) does not use automatic Proctorio flags as evidence of cheating. Instead, misconduct is evaluated based on the Code of Student Conduct and the specific stated rules for the course and exam in question. Proctorio recordings and records may be included as evidence in a referral to COAM

Review considerations for planning your online exams and assignments to help determine whether Proctorio is the right solution for your course.


Proctorio is available in every course at Ohio State, however, it is at the discretion of the instructor if the tool will be utilized.

Beyond Proctorio, Ohio State offers a variety of suggested proctoring options.


Proctorio offers students the flexibility to take their exams at the time and in the location of their choosing.

To consent to use Proctorio students must be over 18 years of age. Students under 18 can use Proctorio if their parent and or legal guardian submitted the waiver included in their Ohio State Academy Orientation. Federal regulations prohibit the recording of minors without the permission of their parents. Therefore, if a student is under the age of 18, the University requires that you have the consent of their parent or guardian to use such instructional tools. If you intend to record live classes or use a proctoring software, please provide students with the consent form. Students will return the signed waiver to you. It is the expectation of the Office of the University Registrar that you will keep and maintain these records in accordance with the university's current records retention policy.

Additionally, the tool has limitations in its accessibility for students reliant upon screen readers and keyboard navigation.

The Office of Technology and Digital Innovation (OTDI) and the Digital Accessibility Center are currently working with Proctorio to make the tool fully accessible. Due to the current limitations, students reliant upon screen readers and keyboard navigation have the choice to use a different proctoring option or take the online exam without Proctorio enabled. 


  • Proctorio requires specific devices (PC or Mac laptop or desktop) and Wi-Fi access. Include these requirements in the syllabus. Work with your students to determine who needs an alternative based on their available technology. .
  • Proctorio does not work on mobile devices. If you have students who are working on iPads and tablets or who will not have Wi-Fi access for the duration of the exam, work with your department or college leaders to make alternative arrangements for those students.
  • Proctorio may not be accessible for students who are completing their coursework from other countries. Additionally, you may want to consider adjustments to your scheduled exam window if you have students in other time zones or overseas.
  • Proctorio does not meet ADA requirements for accessibility. If you have students who require accommodations, work with the Office of Student Life Disability Services to develop an accommodation plan with an alternative form of proctoring.

Student Privacy

Due to the nature of Proctorio, and the recording of audio and video, students must sign a waiver as part of the exam process. Reviewing and accepting the waiver is the last of the Proctorio setup steps before an exam begins. The final setup step, titled Exam Agreement, includes the following language:

By clicking "I agree" I represent and warrant that I, Brutus Buckeye (buckeye.1), am the person whose name is associated with the login used in this assessment system. I understand the prohibited actions and code of conduct as described in the applicable policy of this Institution. If over the age of 18, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the Terms of Service, and to the Privacy Policy. If under the age of 18, by proceeding to complete my exam in Proctorio, I affirm that I have my parent's or guardian's permission to the Institution for my access to the Services, have my session recorded, including the video and audio recording of me, and they consented to the same terms and privacy policy. If I or my parent or legal guardian have any questions, we will contact the instructor of record before clicking "I agree" or otherwise using the Services.

Getting Started 

Information on workshops and the tool itself can be found here, in the Teaching and Learning Resource Center. 

You can also reach out to the eLearning support team with any questions or concerns.