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Creating a Podcast

MP3 files are strictly audio files. This might be useful for lectures where watching the Powerpoint may be helpful but not required to understand the meaning.

In order to download your presentation as an MP3, the Podcast feature needs to be enabled.

If you're using a Channel or Catalog page, and the Podcast feature is enabled, viewers can download the MP3 version.

Alternatively, you could download the MP3 and send the file via email to your viewers.

UX Tip

If you simply want to condense your presentation by removing the screencast or video components, you can convert your presentation into audio. This retains all the presentation and Slideshow features but reduces the overall size of the presentation.

  1. Login to the MyMediasite Portal.
  2. Choose the presentation for which you would like a Podcast. The Summary page opens.
  3. Click Edit. The Edit page opens.
    Edit menu link in right side navigation
  4. Click the Delivery tab.
  5. Check the Podcast box.
    Podcast check box under Delivery tab
  6. Select your Podcast quality choice from the drop-down menu below Podcast.
    List of podcast quality options. The tip below explains what each option is best for.
    UX Tip

    Lower kbps choices, such as 32, 46 and 64 are good if you would like an AM quality / TV quality sound for your podcast. 96 kbps will produce an FM radio quality sound, while 128 kbps and 160 kbps will produce a more CD quality sound. For example, if your recording is predominantly talking, a 32 or 46 kbps will work well. If you recording is a song for a music course, you may want a higher quality, such as 128 kbps or 160 kbps. At any time, you can return and select a different MP3 quality.

  7. Click Save.

Download the Podcast

Once an MP3 file has been generated, you can download it from the Information page.

It may take 5 or 10 minutes, as the file processes, for the Download MP3 link to appear in the download options (see below).

To download the podcast:

  1. Click on Download to Computer at the bottom right corner of the presentation information page.
    Download to Computer link under Information tab
  2. Click on Download Podcast.
    Download Podcast button under Download Presentation Content