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Orton Theme in U.OSU

Orton is a customized theme within U.OSU. It is primarily intended for image-based sites and portfolios.

To begin using the Orton theme, create a site, or use your default site, and change the theme to Orton.

See Getting Started with U.OSU if you have not used U.OSU previously.

Why Use Orton?

While Orton functions similarly to other traditional themes (e.g. Ohio State Light, Ohio State Dark and Oval). It is best-suited to showcase visual material.

Text-based portfolios may have different needs. Please see Portfolios & U.OSU for more information.

With the Orton theme, you can create an image-based portfolio page. The portfolio page displays each collection of work (e.g., project) in a grid layout. The featured image of each project is highlighted on the portfolio page with a link to each collection of work.

You can also create a slideshow of up to 10 posts, displaying the featured image of each post and linking to the individual posts.

Defining Components of the Orton Theme

The Orton theme defines portfolio, projects and featured images in a specific manner. Please use the explanations below to guide your experience.


You must enable the Custom Content Type widget within Jetpack in order to create a Portfolio template page, slideshows and projects.

  • Portfolio template page - The portfolio template page is a regular page in U.OSU with the Portfolio template selected. It contains a collection of all projects, optional introductory text and an optional slideshow feature to display up to ten posts.
  • Portfolio archive page - The portfolio archive page is generated automatically, containing a collection of all projects. The page is available at "http://u.osu.edu/SITENAME/portfolio". Users might choose to add the page to your menu by creating a custom link using the portfolio archive URL.
  • Projects - Each project may represent a specific collection of work or an individual piece of work. Projects function similarly to posts with two primary exceptions: the individual project page does not contain widgets and project featured images display on the portfolio page.
  • Featured Images within Projects and Posts - There are two distinct ways to use featured images:
    • Create a Slideshow - When a featured image is added within a post, and you tag the post intentionally, the featured image appears as part of the slideshow when using the portfolio template page.
    • Display Primarily Project Image - When a featured image is added with a project, the image displays on both portfolio pages to showcase the project.